Usability notes for websites in China

It’s 2012 and still foreign businesses struggle with usability issues on their websites.

This is especially critical in China. Cities are huge here. And they change more often than not, hence maps get outdated quite often.

I often run into problems figuring a way to certain foreign spots in Guangzhou. Being a IT person I try to utilize google maps and search, but fail way too often to find information. Here is a list that hopefully helps you:

  • Provide the complete Chinese address on your website. It must be written in Chinese characters.
  • If your venue is listed in social networks, then make sure it’s address matches and is written in the characters as well
  • Make sure people can copy paste your address into google maps. Make sure the address shown matches with your physical location!
  • Even better, provide links to both google maps and baidu maps on your website. If you link them, iPhones would open the link in the native app on the phone. Big win!
  • Make sure all marketing channels provide the same information, like email, phone number, address
  • Know your location: if you happen to be next to a subway station, mention the name, exit and line
  • If you provide an address on your website, make sure it’s possible to zoom the page so that the address can be shown to a taxi driver. Best case: provide a taxi card.
  • Make sure the name advertised is exactly the same as the name shown on the venue.

Hope this helps you to improve your site.

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