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  1. thank you for your answer,it give me some help and save me some time, can you put the marqueer effect on the home screen, in othor words as a remoteView

    1. Hi again, I have no experience yet with RemoteView yet. My guess is that when you can put simple TextView widgets in a widget, then the MarqueeView should be easy too. I will try to check this coming week.

    1. Hi Shailesh:

      I recommend you check the animations I have done in the little Marquee effect.
      If you plan to set the effect via XML, you still need to have Java-Code to call the XML and finally to the animation.


  2. Hi,
    I’m using this in a SimpleAdapter and I get the error:

    MarqueeViewSingle is not a view that can be bounds by this SimpleAdapter

    Anyway to fix it?


    1. Hi Paul:

      I guess that’s because of the ID for the TextView, which is simply not set in the code, but required by the SimpleAdapter to create the binding.

      You should set the ID here:

      // Scroll View 1 - Text Field
      mTextField1 = new TextView(context);
      // ADD

      Hope this is resolved, once the MarqueeTextView becomes a library project. Soon. 🙂

  3. I couldn’t get this to work. I’m trying to have a vertically scolling marquee, like movie credits. Would you be able to post code to configure/implement this please?

    1. Hi Steve, maybe you could share a Github GIST and show what you already tried. I’m a little busy right now to implement this, but will most likely move the entire MarqueeView into Github.

  4. Hello dear sir, can you help me?

    Because the line
    “MarqueeViewSingle marquee = (MarqueeViewSingle) findViewById(R.id.marquee);”
    gives me an error on the R.id.marquee, I don’t know what should I put in the xml layout of the activity.

    Thanks in advance (we’re hoping for a gitHUB project for this excellent MarqueeView 🙂

  5. Hi, this was working fine in Gingerbread but when I ported to ICS (4.0) the scrolling just got really choppy and jerky. It seems like the scrolling is drawn fast enough

  6. I am not able to implement it. Can you please help me figuring out what the xml file should be. I am a beginner. Please help me.

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